Zimbabwe army belongs to the people not one person: General P. Valerio Sibanda

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Zimbabwe Defense Forces is a professional army that belongs to the people of Zimbabwe, Commander Zimbabwe Defense Forces General Philip Valerio Sibanda says.

Speaking during a pre-Zimbabwe Defense Forces interview General Sibanda said, “The truth of matter is the ZDF belong to the people. The role is to provide security to the State. We belong to this country and we are meant to serve the people of Zimbabwe. We find people trashing the defense forces like the Defence forces belong to somebody.

“They don’t belong to one person. It is unfortunate that we have some among us who would like to believe that this is a foreign force and therefore should be trashed left right and centre. I would like to urge Zimbabweans to understand that we are an institution of the State, but we belong to the people of Zimbabwe.”

He added that Zimbabweans were being influenced by social media to hate the army.

“In Zimbabwe, we seem to have a love-hate relationship with the military. There are times when people like the military and there are times when they do not like the ministry. This is because of social media and what is flighted by different individuals who post on social media.”-Byo24

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