Zandie ‘Divorcing’ Her ‘Toxic’ Sister Kelly Khumalo Over Reality Tv Show

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Zandie ‘& Kelly Khumalo

Zandie Khumalo has taken a harsh and difficult decision to ‘divorce’ her sister Kelly Khumalo and love her ‘from a distance’.

This follows Kelly’s comments on social media about Zandie’s husband taking money from promoters using her name.

“I want to officially put it on record that the statement my sister Kelly Khumalo made about e and my husband on social media and to some media people is rater haphazard, premature and unnecessary to say the least”, Zandi writes.

The major issue rather is because Zandie and her husband refused to be part of Kelly’s reality Tv show without proper payment and this seemingly is the reason why Kelly decided to soil her husband’s name.

Zandie claims that they worked with her manager husband to remove her from Kelly’s shadow.

“Me and my husband who is my manager have worked very hard to remove me from er shadow…i can not be her Lackie on a tv show just to please her.”

Zandi decided to call her sister toxic and even their mother can attest to that. If she was to expose a lot everyone’s jaws would drop.

Meanwhile, she will be releasing two new singles in a weeks time called Akwenele and Lengoma.

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