What you didn’t know about Vusi Buthelezi, Zodwa Wabantu’s ex-Ben 10

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Vusi Buthelezi has been wildly trending on social media after controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu revealed that she wants him arrested. Zodwa is claiming that she has opened a case of fraud against her former lover and has even offered a reward for information that can assist the authorities in finding Vusi.

Vusi and Zodwa’s shenanigans have become the talk of Mzansi, with many South African men appearing to be celebrating Vusi’s exploits, saying that he has shown true leadership. He is being applauded for dribbling circles around Zodwa, who has a reputation for targeting younger lovers.

However, many people have been left with many questions about Vusi. Many are wondering who Vusi is and what he does. Well, here are some things you probably don’t know about Vusi Buthelezi.

Vusi is a student at the Durban University of Technology who runs his own graphic design business.

Vusi met Zodwa when he nervously approached her and offered to brand her bus. He charged her R10 000 for the job. Narrating, their first meeting, Vusi told Drum magazine,

“I walked up to her at a steakhouse in Florida Road, Durban, and introduced myself. I had no intentions except doing business with her. I offered to brand her bus and she agreed. At that time there was no spark at all, we were simply doing business.”

Vusi asked Zodwa to be his girlfriend after the two had been seeing each other for 3 months on business matters. Narrating how this happened, Vusi said.

“She was happy and after that gave me more jobs. We started warming up to each other. We’d check up on each other on a regular basis and we started going out together…We were sitting in her car and I looked her deep in the eyes, she blushed and smiled. I then took her hand and told her I love her. Since then we’ve been inseparable – every day we are falling in love”

Vusi is 11 years younger than Zodwa. Despite the age difference, Vusi did not take kindly to being called a Ben 10, when he was still in a relationship with Zodwa. He also denied that he was a gold digger who was dating the socialite for her material benefits. In an interview, Vusi said,

“I know people are already judging me, calling me names. I’m not her Ben 10, I’m her boyfriend,” he says. “They also think I’m dating her for benefits and her celebrity status.

“But that is not the case – I’m dating Zodwa the person, not Zodwa the celebrity. She is the celebrity and I’m not, I have no ambitions of becoming one. And yes, she’s a bit older than me but it’s not the first time I’m dating an older woman. My ex-girlfriend was older than me. What is more important is that I can handle her.”

The fairytale relationship came to an end in May during a traumatic period when Zodwa’s house was also robbed. In an interview with Drum Magazine, the dancer claimed that Vusi had dumped her.

“Things were not working out, he left but I’ve learnt that you must allow people to leave. You accept things as they come and as they are and allow people to be themselves.”

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