Watch Contagion the movie that depicts exactly coronavirus pandemic’

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SOUTH AFRICA NEWS: South Africans were left feeling sheer anxiety on the evening of 5 April, Sunday evening as the public broadcaster aired the deadly pandemic movie, Contagion. The movie has been touted as a mirror reflection of the current coronavirus crisis that sweeps the globe played out to possibly one of the biggest viewership numbers that SABC3 will see during this year.

Television viewers were either left gobsmacked or already taking notes from the movie as a response to the current coronavirus crisis, apart from the incessant advertising that has left consumers going to bed dreaming about Clover milk. The storyline of this movie involves doctors and medical researchers who scramble to track a highly contagious and deadly virus as it travels from Hong Kong to the United States. This nail-biting thriller centres around a fast-moving virus which kills tens of millions worldwide as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tries in vain to stop the outbreak. As the movie played out on SABC 3, social media platform Twitter was flooded with reactions from an already stressed-out bunch of South Africans. The movie is an eye-opener and terrifyingly mind-boggling and now the broader South African community has been exposed to this movie.

What are the chances this will spark further fear?
The pandemic movie has been credited for its accurate representation of scientific presentation apart from the stellar cast including that includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. Check out some of the reactions from South Africans below,


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