video – Wabantu’s romance boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi breaks the internet

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Zodwa wabantu and boyfriend
Zodwa Wabantu and boyfriend

Zodwa Wabantu and her boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi seems to be enjoying the national lockdown together. The couple posted a romantic video of themselves at home performing some push ups.

The couple is seen in a video with Zodwa lying flat on the mat. Her boyfriend comes and presses her thighs down ass Zodwa starts to do some push ups. Zodwa Wabantu knows how to keep South Africa entertained.

Zodwa Wabantu and Ben 10s

Vusi is much younger than Zodwa Wabantu and it seems like the dancer prefers only younger partners. Before Buthelezi, Zodwa was dating another younger boyfriend by the name Ntobeko who was much younger than her.

Zodwa’s relationship with Ntobeko Linda

Zodwa’s relationship with Ntobeko made headlines in South Africa when they it was announced that Zodwa was going to pay lobola for Ntobeko. It is unusual in the African culture for a woman to pay lobola for a man. Lobola or bride price is the money and cows that are paid by a man to the parents of the woman for their marriage to be consummated. The relationship ended with a break up with Zodwa dismissing cheating rumours.

The couple broke up just a month before their much publicized wedding.

“I think fame has overwhelmed us and if people can just back off, we will see our way forward. They are putting pressure on us. I understand because I exposed my life but it’s too much. We are still on a break trying to sort out our issues,” she said about the break up

Source: Savanna News

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