Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede hits back at a troll saying she uses too much makeup

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Gugu Gumede
Gugu Gumede

The best way to stay away from unnecessary drama is to try to keep your comments to yourself whenever our celebrities share something on their social media platforms, rather to not say anything than criticizing.

Miss Gugu Gumede is known for her dolled up looks with fans going as far as asking the actress for a young tutorial on how to create the same looks at home.

The Uzalo actress posted a selfie with a full ‘face beat’ just to remind people that even the current house arrest, she stays serving looks. But not everyone loves Gugu‘s makeup looks. One critic complimented the beauty with a bit of criticism saying she uses to much make up for their liking.

Too much make up whereby u r naturally beautiful njeee,” the comment read. Gugu put the troll back in their lane when she responded to the opinionated troll telling them to know when to get off.

Please don’t ever again have the audacity to imply how much makeup I should have on my face, I’ll drag you for filth,” the actress clapped back.

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