The 3 must watch comedies during lockdown

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As the country endures the 21-day shutdown in a bid to fight the coronavirus, many South Africans are left with no option but to stay indoors. And if time is all you have on your hands then why not catch up on some of the best local movies offerings from streaming services, DStv Now and Showmax.

Frank and Fearless

Get dressed in your most comfortable clothing, make a large big bowl of popcorn and choose from our trusted list of local comedy productions provided below.

Frank and Fearless

Leon Schuster returns an ageing rascal who teams up with a young boy, a Rottweiler, and an orphaned baby rhino to put a stop to rhino poaching in South Africa. His corny gimmicks and sheer buffoonery are enough to make viewers chuckle but also enough to highlight the plight of rhinos in our country.

Picking up from the 2017 box office hit, “Keeping Up With The Kandasamys,” the sequel is a tribute to all mothers who can’t let go of their children. Shanti and Jennifer are up to their old tricks again, this time the stakes are higher. The film is a good mix of comedy, drama, suspense and tears.

Broken Promises 4-Ever

It’s a modern take on the dysfunctional Padayachee family and all the favourite characters from the previous movies, Amasugi, Reuben, Saras, Bommi, and others are back. It now follows a format similar to that of previous films in the franchise, but reverses the roles. The focus is now on the relationship between father-in-law and son-in-law.

Source: News365

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