Somizi and Mohale are having a third wedding in Italy

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There is no doubt that Somizi Mhlongo loves being over the top and it looks like that is not stopping anytime soon. 

The media personality has announced that he will be having a third wedding in Italy. This follows his traditional wedding and white wedding to his husband, Mohale. 
Along with Mohale, Somizi made a guest appearance on Metro FM’s Morning Flava breakfast show on Friday to talk about Valentine’s Day.

During the interview, Somizi said that he and Mohale were investing in a new home and had plans to jet off on their honeymoon to Coachella in the United States and Dubai in April.
“We decided not to go on honeymoon now because we are investing in a new home. We will only be honeymooning in April, we are going to Dubai and Coachella. We are planning our third wedding in July, on Mohale’s birthday, in Italy.
They said that they are inviting anyone who can afford to come to the third wedding.
Somizi also explained that their wedding special, which will air on Showmax later this month, will be a four-part special that shows them go through their traditional preparations to their all star white wedding.
“You are going to see the gap in how we did the stuff. We went in and did it properly.” 
Fans will remember that the couple’s white wedding was a private ceremony with guests having to turn in their mobile devices before the ceremony. 
Somizi said that he and Mohale knew the “unplugged” aspect of their wedding wouldn’t make their celebrity guests happy, but it was mainly for them to engage and embrace the moments shared at the wedding.
He shared on Instagram why he wanted no phones at his wedding.
“When we decided to tell our wedding guests, via invites, that there would be no phones or cameras allowed beyond the venue gates, I’m sure most of them had a mini heart attack, thinking how they’re gonna get through the day without their phones.”
However, he and Mohale gifted all their guests with instant cameras to capture special memories for themselves.
“The venue was too exquisite for the guests not to take any pics”, he said in the post. 
“The main reason for that was so that people could engage with each other, enjoy every moment with their naked eyes, but also for us as grooms to have exclusive privacy of our day until everyone can get to witness it on Showmax.”

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