Simple Ways Women Spy On Husbands Exposed

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Women can never be satisfied that a man can be faithful and over the years they seem to have adopted many cunning ways to spy on men.

In a seemingly shocking way, they have been captured doing similar things as shown in pictures taken from around the world, celebrities included.

Jayz-and wife Beyonce

Below is a collage of photos that depict one of the ways men have to be careful about if they are to protect themselves from women’s prying eyes.

What are the ways that your spouse can spy on you?
Cell phones are the primary source that these people will spy on you with, because everybody has their cell phone with them all the time. It’s a great way of collecting information, so husbands who want to spy will always try and put spyware on there.

Now, the other way is through your laptop, desktop, or tablet as well.

A third way is your car, where they’ll put a GPS tracker on the car.

Can you go into more detail on each of these?
Let’s start with your cell phone. When a spouse is using the cell phone to spy on you, there are two ways to do it. They can put spyware on the cell phone, which basically captures everything on that cell phone to a server outside the United States, and then the spouse can connect to it and see everything.

One tip-off for a spouse is that if there’s spyware on the cell phone, the cell phone battery will die a lot faster than normal, because what’s happening is spyware duplicates every single thing you do on the cell phone. So, when you send a text message, the spyware makes a copy of that text message and sends it off to the server. It’s doing double duty for everything on the phone. That means the battery life is basically cut in half.

You can also look at your cell phone bill, specifically look at the data. I had one client that I talked to about this, she called me back and said, “I looked at my cell phone bill. It says I used four gigs of data this month.”

I said, “Great. Look at the previous month.”

Four gigs.

“Look at the month before that.”

Two gigs. Wait a minute, what? It showed two gigs. She went from two gigs a month on average to suddenly going to four gigs, and that was the time that she suspected that her husband had put spyware on her phone.

Just like with the battery, the spyware’s doing double duty and it is sending everything through data. So your data usage automatically doubles. That means if your data plan suddenly goes from two gigs a month to four gigs, something’s going on.

Are there any other ways that you can detect spying through your phone?
Ways to detect spying through your phone

Battery life and data usage are the most common ways to look at it. If the spouse does not put spyware on your cell phone, and you have an iPhone and you have iCloud turned on, if your spouse knows your iCloud account and your iCloud password, they can get pretty much get an exact copy of your cell phone without putting any spyware on it. That’s because the iCloud is designed to make a backup of your cell phone every morning just in case the iPhone crashes, and then Apple can restore your phone to the way it was first thing in the morning or the day before.

The way they do that is by mirroring everything on your phone up to the cloud, so by doing that the spouse doesn’t have to put spyware on your iPhone. They just simply log into your iCloud account with your password. There are a couple of websites that all they do is put in your account and your password and this website downloads the iCloud backup every morning and parses it out into all your text messages, web searches, phone calls, voice messages, web searches, location, everything for them. That way your spouse doesn’t have to have spyware on your phone if it’s an iPhone.

If it’s an Android phone, if they know your Google account and Google password, they can go into your Google backup and look at all that same information as well.

So, the cell phone is a huge, huge way of collecting information. That is the number one way people will always try and spy on you is by using your cell phone against you.

What other ways can your spouse spy on you electronically?
Yes, absolutely. Now, let’s say you’re dealing with a person that you caught spying on you and they say, “Oh no no, I’m not going to do that anymore.” And your cell phone is clean, there’s absolutely nothing on it.

But maybe you have an iPad at home. Or maybe you have an Android tablet. If they say they’re not spying on your cell phone, maybe they’ve moved all that to the iPad or to the Android tablet instead, because they’re not spying on your phone anymore. They’re only doing it on the iPad. Keep in mind the iPad has your account on it. It also mirrors what’s going on.

So, a spying spouse can switch it from a direct device, which is your cell phone, to an external device such as a tablet.

The number of times that we’ve seen people spying on computers, installing spyware on laptops, desktops and so forth, those instances are going down more and more. The majority of everything is going after cell phones and tablets. That’s where the majority of the spying is right now.

-Suvived divorce

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