Scandal actress Lusanda Mbane breaks down

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actress Lusanda Mbane

Showing your true feelings on social media is seen as weak, Scandal! actress Lusanda Mbane believes “it’s OK not to be OK”. Lusanda poured her heart out in an emotional Instagram post recently, saying there was great danger in being viewed as “strong” when you are reaching breaking point.

She said
A few minutes ago I called my husband, and as soon as he said “Hello”, I started crying uncontrollably, sobbing actually. I battled to get the words out except just to say “I’m having such a sh*t day.” He was of course completely confused because we’ve spoken over the phone at least 3 times this morning, and even though I was telling him about all my misfortunes, I seemed ok and I was even laughing about them, but now I am crying a river. “I am not ok”

The more he sympathized and tried to make me feel better, the more I cried. I realised that I actually am carrying a lot, not all of which is mine, but I am carrying it nevertheless.

The danger of being viewed as the strong one is that you try to keep this up even at times when you yourself are uncomfortably close to breaking point. So I have chosen to allow myself the next few hours as hours of weakness. I will cry, I will be needy, I will ask him to bring me my favourite treats on the way home. Tomorrow, it will be business as usual. #ItsOkNotToBeOk

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