Rooftop engagement party for Tinashe & Grace in Seaforth Sydney Australia

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Tinashe & Grace rooftop engagement party

It is not an everyday occurrence that one gets to witness an engagement party where the guests are treated to Zimbabwean traditional music in the heart of Sydney Australia. This is exactly what transpired on 01/11/19 in the leafy suburb of Seaforth, Sydney when Tinashe Washaya and Grace Bennett hosted a big engagement party. 

Zimbabwe traditional music performer Felix Simba Machiridza in action

As guests mingled and got acquainted, they were treated to the sonorous sound of the mbira. Clad in imitation leopard skin, Felix Simba Machiridza who had travelled all the way from Wagga Wagga played a mbira version of the song, Malaika in Swahili, which translates to ‘My angel, I love you’As the night progressed, Simba as he likes to be called, played a few more mbira songs before taking to drumming. Some ladies from Zimbabwe joined in with song and dance, which took the atmosphere to another level and attracted the majority of family and friends of the Washayas and the Bennetts . What ensued was a spontaneous and free for all dance, where people took turns to execute meticulously choreographed dance moves.

Someone in the crowd called out that they needed to give the traditional acknowledgement to Jane and Chris Bennett, Grace’s parents. They were soon brought to the dance floor where a song and dance were performed in their honour.

 Simba then brought the mbira back and played a song ‘We met in the right season’, which was well received by both the hosts and the guests.

As Simba took a break, another musician, an accomplished guitarist came on the scene and belted out dance-able cover songs that kept everyone on the dance floor. He punctuated his performance with Zimbabwean songs requested by the crowd on the dance floor.  Tinashe and Grace could not be outdone and also took to the dance floor to show their dancing skills. Tinashe’s parents, Lydia and Clifton did not need much motivation to jump into the fray and unleash some moves that left onlookers awestruck. As the night wore on, the revellers who seemed to have inexhaustible energy reserves, kept the occasion alive with the continued

It was a wonderful night of jovial mood of joy for all the people who came from all walk of life across Australia for the solely purpose to celebrating a beautiful young couple rooftop engagement party. To Tinashe and Grace we wish you a wonderful future together as husband and wife.

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