Rachel J gives birth to Mukupe or Bushiri’s child

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Terence Mukupe’s ex-wife Rachel J who was allegedly impregnated by Bushiri gives birth.

Rachel J and Baby

With all the drama that has been surrounding these 3, that is Rachel J, ex-Minister Terence Mukupe and ECG founder prophet Bushiri there has been a good thing that has come out of it. Yes, there is a baby that has been brought to life.

Its a shame though that a baby was born in such a way where there are so much controversy and hype and even drama. The singer who is behind the song Ngoro which she collaborated with Enzo Ishall has just given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Social media has been flooded by pictures of the baby in which the singer posted as she shared the news. Check the pictures below

Rachel J gives birth

She was in a beautifully decorated room, that we almost got confused about whether she was in the hospital or she delivered at home. The setup was just nice…


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