Prophet Makandiwa’s “Tormentor,” Blessing Mashangwa Walks Away With NOTHING

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Blessing Mashangwa Walks Away With Nothing

Blessing Mashangwa made headlines a few years back when together with her (then) husband Upenyu Mashangwa,  they sued Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church. The Mashangwas sued both Makandiwa and his with Ruth over alleged false prophecies. They demanded a massive $6.5 million from the couple, alleging that they had made significant losses because they had believed in Makandiwa’s “false” prophecies.

However, it seems like lately, things have not been working out for Blessing. Her marriage fell apart in 2018 and now she is walking away with nothing from Oceane Perfumes, the business that she toiled over for 15 years.

Blessing bared her soul about losing the business and walking away with nothing from Oceane Perfumes in an emotional post on social media site, Facebook. In the post, she detailed her achievements although she was coy in explaining what had happened to make her give up her stake.  However, she revealed that going forward, the company will be led by her ex-husband.

Blessing And Upenyu Mashangwa In Happier Times
Blessing And Upenyu Mashangwa In Happier Times

Below is an excerpt from Blessing’s Facebook Post, 

Having not worked for Oceane Cosmetics since March 2019. This is to officially confirm my resignation from Oceane Cosmetics, not only as a director but as (a) shareholder as well. It is perhaps the most difficult and regrettable decision I have ever had to make.

It has been an honour to serve in this position and am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received. However extenuating circumstances have necessitated this move.

I want to thank Mr Upenyu Mashangwa Sirr Mash for the opportunity and platform he gave me to challenge myself with new responsibilities, the most impactful has been the relationships I have built in the community, among various businesses, with different women who some have become my mothers, sisters and friends.

Nomatter were life will take me one thing is certain that I will continue to be a loyal supporter of this brand.

My vision for Oceane has always been to empower women, I have sacrificed to resign without any payment/benefits or compensation, I’m walking away with absolutely nothing from the business, therefore, if you are seating at home and you have nothing to do allow this company to change your life, by grabbing the opportunity they offer to empower you to be a business owner and become your own boss, that way I will feel the loss and sacrifice was all worth it.

I urge Zimbabwe to continue using this brand, after 15yrs in business they have done all the trials and errors and have gained experience to offer you a quality brand.

Working with Oceane has been a lifetime experience. To the staff, I don’t know of a collection of individuals that work so hard to exemplify a high character, strive to meet needs and deliver excellently, thank you???

To Sirr Mash (Upenyu Mashangwa) I pray? that God may guide you to lead this company to greater heights It is well!!!.

The fraud allegations against the Makandiwas were dismissed last year after the High Court said the claims were false, frivolous and vexatious.  However, the Mashangwas appealed the High Court decision at the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court has since reserved judgement on the matter after hearing from the lawyers.

Some followers of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and non-followers alike who believe in prophets, rejoiced at Blessing’s woes saying that it was divine retribution for “touching the anointed of God”. A good number of them took delight in quoting Psalm 105:15 which according to the English Standard Version Bible reads, 

“Touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm!”

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