Prof J.Moyo: There was attempted coup on Mnangagwa in November

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Prof Jonathan Moyo

SELF-EXILED former Zanu-PF propagandist Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed that a coup was attempted on President Emmerson Mnangagwa in early November, but it was foiled.

Moyo says it was because of fear of another coup that the President has not chosen to go on an annual leave outside the country.

The President has been at his farm outside Kwekwe over the National Unity and Christmas holidays, before returning to the his official residence in Harare.

Further, Moyo claims the attempted coup cost the job of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) boss Aaron Nhepera, who was accused of not reporting on the coup early enough.

The revelations are part of Moyo’s promised threads on Twitter, which he unleashed on New Year’s Eve.

“Mnangagwa has not taken his annual leave & has not been able to leave the country because of a foiled coup in early November. The attempted coup cost Aaron Nhepera hisAdvertisementjob as CIO Deputy Director General, amid allegations he reported it late & mishandled intelligence on it!

“So Zimbabwe is in a triple crisis: (i) Mnangagwa has no legitimacy & authority to unite & inspire the nation; (ii) worse, he has lost the confidence of the armed forces; & (iii) his government is incapable of reviving the economy, which is now in an irretrievable free fall!”

Government, through information Ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana, recently dismissed the coup reports. Mangwana said that President Mnangagwa was unlike his predecessor Robert Mugabe who would go on annual leave in the Far East no matter the economic circumstances back home.

Jonathan Moyo, however, would not disclose who attempted the coup and on which exact date. He also proffered no information on what happened to the coup plotters, or how the State neutralized them. Harare live

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