Pictures – Sonia dishes super sexxy Bikini looks

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Sonia Mbele

Who said enjoying life is illegal, let the lady enjoy it while time still allows. ‘You can swim honey…just don’t swim with sharks!‘, she captioned on one of her recent sexxy Bikini posts.

Sonia Mbele

Being an actor, businesswoman, writer, producer and a proud mother of three, can be overwhelming. Especially if you have been dominating the small screens for over a decade. But Sonia Mbele has proved that she’s not going to let this get to her.

Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele took some time to lay her hair down and flaunt her hot mom bod on vacation.

The all-rounder showed off her sexxy bikini body in a series of snaps on Instagram, also making it known that she had not set foot at a gym the whole of 2019. Talk about goals!

Sonia Mbele

“I literally did not set foot in a gym the whole of 2019 due to an injury experienced in December 2018. This year I started hitting gym like a beast…thank you to muscle memory, fasting, a disciplined mindset and of cause a healthy diet.” News365

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