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The landlocked country of Zimbabwe is located in the South of the continent of Africa. It is bordered by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. Before the economic changes, much of the tourism for the shared tourist places located on the borders with other countries came to the Zimbabwean side but now Zambia benefits from the tourism. Zimbabwe offers a large variety of scenery, wildlife, a perfect climate for the tourists to make their tour memorable. Numerous travel accommodation establishments are in need of a face-lift in order to attract visitors as well as to boost occupancy rates. Many hotel outlets have suffered from under-investment due to years of socio-political unrest in the country and many incoming tourists are still concerned whether Zimbabwe is a safe country to visit. There is also a huge gap in the hospitality sector because of the general lack of budget hotels in the country; many travelers cannot afford the pricing of the existing hotels, so there is a need for lower-priced facilities.

Here we have compiled a list of different top 10 most famous places in Zimbabwe that you must consider, if you are planning a trip to this spectacular country.

10: Victoria Falls, Kazungula, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Kazungula

Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world as a result, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions for visitors in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls present a magnificent sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, forming in border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. West interest in the area started in 1900 when Cecil decided to build a railway bridge over the Zambezi River. These spectacular and awe-inspiring falls are one of the largest all over the world. Even with the social, political, and economic crises, it remains a more famous destination than all other sites. Here you can avail the opportunity to participate the other activities like, white water rafting and base jumping which is helpful to draw tourists to this well-renowned spot.

9: Lake Kariba, Siavonga, Zimbabwe

Lake Kariba, Siavonga

Lake Kariba is one of the world’s largest artificial Lake and reservoir by volume. Lake Kariba is a large man-made lake in the north of Zimbabwe. The building of the Kariba dam displaced about 27,000 of the Tonga people and Operation Noah, than the shifting of 6000 species of animals and several birds threatened by the rising waters. Beautiful sunset’s scene and diverse wildlife allure to the tourists, as well as, here you can enjoy the different activities like houseboats trips and fishing, which make it an ideal place for relaxation and perfect time with your family.

8: Eastern Highlands, Nyanga, Zimbabwe

Eastern Highlands, Nyanga

The Eastern Highlands in which the Nyanga, Vumba, and Chimanimani Mountain ranges also include. It is one of the highest ranges in the Zimbabwe. The climate of these ranges is much cooler, which allure the other tourists to visit this awe-inspiring place. The picturesque scenery views and landscape land is so unique from other attractions in the Zimbabwe, and often compared to the mountains of Scotland and Ireland. The mountain ranges are perfect for hiking and mountaineering and they feature the beautiful rivers and several waterfalls, like Mtarazi Falls, known as the second highest waterfall in Africa. Here you will find out the different species like birds, leopards, and blue duiker and samango monkeys as well.

7: Hwange National Park, Hwange, Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park, Hwange

Hwange national park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe. It was founded in 1928 as game reserve. It is located between Bulawayo and Victoria falls, near the border of Zimbabwe. It is also known as the second world’s largest mammal’s park in all over the world. Several other parks and hotels are located in close proximity of the park, include the luxurious safari lounge, and there are many lodges, cottages, chattels at main camp. The wildlife of this park attracts many tourists; there is no other place for the tourist’s ample opportunity for bird watching.

6: Mana Pools National Park, Hurungwe, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools National Park, Hurungwe

Mana Pools is a wildlife conservation range in the North side of the Zimbabwe, known as the National Park. The climate of this pool is rainy. Summer season is best for the visit this place, because in summer season over 450 species of several birds you can be seen. Common sights of this pool is describe here, in which water-bucks, sables, elands, lions, wild dogs, and cheetahs are include. It is perfect place for the photographers in the winter’s seasons, photographers love coming to Mana Pools because they want to preserve the misty mornings along Zambezi river views. There are many other activities for the tourists usually do here aside from here walking during the morning to observe the animals include game drivers and fishing.

Perfect place for the Relaxation!

5: Matoba National Park, Matobo, Zimbabwe

Matobo National Park, Matobo

The Matoba National Park is situated on the south side of the Zimbabwe. The most unique feature of this park is the presence of the rock, granite and boulders which is spread over 80 Km. The Great Cecil John buried in this Park, on the Matoba hills at the summit of a granite dome, it is known as World’s View. Maleme Dam is just beautiful, you feel you stay for days and there are facilities for self-catering camping as well, so highly recommend it particularly for bird-watching.

4: Balancing Rocks, Zimbabwe

Balancing Rocks, Zimbabwe

Balancing rocks is one of the most famous places in Zimbabwe, the balancing rocks are geomorphologic features of igneous rocks found in many parts of Zimbabwe. The formations of these rocks are natural occurrence in a perfect balanced state without any support. Their popularity grew when the reserve bank of Zimbabwe featured the formation on the last series. There are many interesting balancing rocks in Zimbabwe, and allure the tourists to make their tour memorable.

3: The National Art Gallery, Park Lane, Harare, Zimbabwe

The National Art Gallery, Park Lane, Harare

This is one of the world’s great national galleries and visitors enjoyed it despite its shortcomings. This a good souvenir shop, with some interesting books about African art. There are displays of traditional wood carvings and fetishes and so forth and quite a few modern canvases, some of them offering an insight into the travails of modern Zimbabwe. When tourists visited there was also an ‘international’ exhibition which amounted to no more than a few colorful photocopies of European art stuck on bits of board. But, hey, any art lover will find a few sculptures and paintings that they admire here. Best place for the artists.

2: White Water Rafting, Zambezi, Zimbabwe

White Water Rafting, Zambezi

A pure adventure, enjoy rafting down the Zambezi River below the majestic Victoria Falls. Experienced guides will take care of you whilst you go through rapid after rapid, and you will love your action packed day. At the end of which you will climb out of the Bakota Gorge and be served ice cold refreshments.

1: Frog and Fern Cottages, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

Frog and Fern Cottages, Chimanimani

The Frog and Fern Cottages are a must visit they are oozing with character, are well maintained and just a doorstep away from the incredible adventures. Jane and Dee, the owners have a wealth of knowledge and will tell you of all the magical spots in the mountains. Just listen to what they recommend and you’re bound to have the most amazing time. Chimanimani National park is unbelievably beautiful; you get away from all the crowds into the quiet mountains, swim under waterfalls, and wander through groves. Do yourself a favour and book a week up there using frog and fern as your base. Tourists stayed in many cottages, hotels, lodges, charming as this, so well captures the. In terms of value for money – you simply can’t beat this place. Take the extended family and have the place to yourself. There’s golf, hiking, swimming, bird viewing and so much to do here.

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