Olinda Is Now Over Tytan. Hints At New Flame… SEE PICS

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ByStaff reporter

Olinda Chapel

Well before we go into the story remember this is just a RUMOR, also keep in mind the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

Moving On. . .Olinda New Love Interest Revealed!
Rumor on the block is Olinda Chapel is finally moving on from ‘Ndichakubata Bho’ hitmaker Tytan.

There seems to be a new love interest in Olinda’s life. After hinting an immediate exit on social media it seems like it is going to be a difficult process for socialite Olinda Chapel to get off social media.

Social media has been set abuzz after she posted a picture of one Dexter Laswell with a caption: “…we have a bet if IAdvertisementget him, 20k new followers, he will host Nandi’s birthday. “If I lose you don’t want to know..” she posted.

Could Olinda be hinting that the two are likely to date if she does not get Dexter some followers?? Some comments suggest the singer was recently spotted with the dude, anyways, what do we know?? We just here to keep updated on the go!

The picture has also raised many eyebrows on whether Tytan is going to miss their daughter’s birthday or not.

Let’s stall the followings and see what happens! hahaha, curiosity will kill me one day! Sourced online

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