Ntando Duma reacts to claims she was paid to wish EFF a Happy Birthday

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Ntando Duma

South African media personality, Ntando Duma, has once again been called out for being vocal about supporting the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). On Sunday, 26 July 2020 Ntando took to social to give what looked like a heartfelt birthday message for the EFF, the political party which she openly supports.

Ntando Duma

She stated, “Happy birthday to the most vocal voice of our lifetime @EFFSouthAfrica. May you see many more years. Thank you for taking care of your people and thank you for arousing the minds of the young black people in our country & beyond. Siyabonga.”

Ntando Duma

Her tweet caused quite a stir, as her followers believed that the EFF has solicited her as celebrity, to openly support their campaign. Tired of the accusations made against her and her political stance, Ntando clarified with, “We can’t even send our party a mere birthday message without y’all thinking we got paid for it? You are disappointing. Who gets paid for wishing others a happy birthday?”.

See the tweets below.


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