Mzembi has colon cancer too: “Auxilia Mnangagwa refused to help me”

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Former Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi has revealed he too has colon cancer which killed Patson Dzamara on Wednesday but First lady Auxilia Mnangagwa refused to help him through her Cancer Foundation.

Mzembi is in South Africa where he ran to after the November 2017 coup that removed Robert Mugabe from power since he was inclined to the G40 cabal.

Responding to Zanu PF apologist Kuda Mutisi’s Tweet, Mzembi alleges that he approached Auxillia Mnangagwa’s foundation which gave him a cold shoulder revealing also doctors are unsympathetic to cancer patients.

“When l become MP in 2023, l will push for Free Cancer Treatment for all. Cancer treatment is very expensive & families are left in a very bad situation financially. The physically & emotional pain caused by cancer is just too much, at least save the families financial pain.”

Walter Mzembi responded:

First Lady has a Cancer Foundation of sorts, I don’t know what has happened to all the hype, I approached it when I needed support for my own predicament with Cancer in 2018, dead silence, I guessed it was not for their perceived enemies!

Colon, still receiving treatment to this day. You need strong bouts of faith ahead of any treatment or surgery because Cancer counselling is brutal, it drains all hope, so you need strong genuine intercession. Doctors sometimes are cold-blooded.

Late opposition leader and former Prime Minister, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai announced his battle with colon cancer before he passed on in February 2018.

When he announced his condition, Tsvangirai said it was his responsibility as a leader to let the public know about his health status, unlike Mugabe who denied that he was suffering from prostate cancer.

“As a leader and a public figure, I have taken a decision to make public my condition,” Tsvangirai said, adding that he had an operation and was receiving chemotherapy treatment in neighbouring South Africa.

“It is my firm belief that the health of national leaders, including politicians, should not be a subject of national speculation and uncertainty.”-Harare Live

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