My story: How I love spending time in the garden growing vegetables

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Mugayapi vegetable garden
E. Mugayapi
Mugayapi vegetable garden

I first started enjoying working in the garden long back when I was young however in 2017 when my brother & Sister in law ( Mr & Mrs Matigimu ) brought me the nursery to plant my first bed of vegetable. I was so happy and it brought back some earlier memories in my younger days.

I spent so much time in the garden and now it is part of me that I can not separate myself from gardening, when I wake up everyday, the first thing I do is to go outside to check my garden. At the moment I am just growing this kind of vegetable however, I am looking forward to diversifying my vegetable crop very soon since my Uncle from Newcastle brought me some seeds of Tsunga. Once my landscape is finalised, I am looking forward to increase the time I spent in the garden cultivating & dealing with a variety of veggies & fruits maybe.

Do not get mixed up, this is just a back garden not a plot or farm, I just mentioned it in case some people might get confused & think that I am a big time vegetable farmer. I have just 3 beds of the same type of vegetables. I am still learning to get the basic nitty-gritty of traditional garden practices, no big deal, just passion.

I have lived my life in 3 different continents namely




#countries, Zimbabwe, Scotland, England, & NOW Victoria in Australia

In Zimbabwe when I was a boy and growing up, my parents were inspirational in teaching us how to grow vegetables and working the land. When I moved to UK nearly 20 years ago, I tried growing vegetables behind my back yard, it did not work out very well because I guess the land was a bit water logged and the whether was not conducive for the type of vegetables that I had. Some people on other areas were producing very good vegetables and I felt like other people were judging me that I was a bit lazy since I did not have my own garden of veggies, the truth was I tried but it didn’t work. When I moved to Australia, 4 years ago, since the day the Matigimu’s family brought me the nursery to plant, I have not stopped loving and working the garden. The pictures above is the evidence for it.

Maybe one day, I will take a short course in Agriculture, this may result in me being an established farmer, They say a million mile journey starts with one step.

Written by Elvis Mugayapi, you can contact me at Elvis is by profession an electrical & electronics engineer, Director for Sunrise Healthcare a Small-Medium entrepreneur and Editor at Africa Show Time

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