Meet Lerato Kganyago’s Hubby!

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Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows by now that Lerato Kganyago recently got hitched. Although she hasn’t personally unveiled the lucky man to the masses, that didn’t stop the social media “detectives” from finding pictures and some info on him.

Lerato only posted pictures of her family elders during the wedding on Instagram – her followers were perplexed by this move, hence they eagerly waited for her to officially (and finally) post a picture of her hubby but dololo!

Well, it seems curiosity got the better of some Tweeps – such as Twitter users, @phummynolo1 and @pearlz_n, who found a bit of info on LKG’s husband, Thami Ndlala.


I am genuinely happy for Lerato kganyago , this is the husband,,, kids naked dj is not your step father …#leratokganyago

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Ma7moooD@mahmoudegypte · Mar 20, 2020

Lerato Kganyago is reported to have married a successful businessman. …

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This is the husband ninani, yes he’s rich and not in the same industry as Lerato she balanced the equation #lerato kganyago

If the information is accurate, Thami Ndlala was born and bred in Mpumalanga, where his late father, Joe Ndlala was a chief!

He also has a foundation named after his father, which has helped over 80 learners enrol at private schools.

Thami’s line of business revolves around a peculiar yet interesting profession – Employee Wellness.


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