Malawi President appoints family members into his cabinet

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New Malawi President appoints family members into his cabinet. Malawians are reportedly not happy as their brand new president Lazarus Chakwera appointed relatives to his cabinet to the astonishment of Malawians who thought he will rise above the former cabinet’s nepotism, Pulse reports.

According to the publication, Dr Lazarous Chakwera appointed the following people:

  1. Sidik Mia has been appointed minister for transport while
  2. Sidik Mia’s wife Abida Mia is the deputy minister for lands.
  3. The new Labour Minister Kenny Kandodo
  4. Kandodo’s brother Khumbize Kandodo is the new  Health Minister
  5. Businessman Gospel Kazako who has been appointed information minister also
  6. Kazako’s sister-in-law Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma as the deputy agriculture minister.

President Chakwera reportedly filled the cabinet with 70% of people from his region and his political stronghold, while during his campaigns he criticised Peter Mutharika’s cabinet for nepotism. Malawians have expressed their displeasure on social media calling it the cabinet of spouses and wives and cousins.

Source – Online News

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