Lewis Matutu, Pupurai Togarepi bounce back

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Suspended Zanu PF youth league leaders have bounced back. The pair together with Godfrey Tsenengamu were suspended from the party after they took part in a name and shame press conference aimed at  shaming Zanu PF leaders involved in corrupt activities.

Their initiative backfired as they were all suspended and given a chance to keep their membership only if they enroll for a rehabilitation course at Zanu PF‘s Hebert Chitepo School of ideology. Tsenengamu refused and he was consequently expelled from the party. He suggested that Zanu PF leaders involved in corruption are the ones in need of ideological training. Togarepi did not actively take part in the initiative but was accused of supporting his colleagues from the background.

Togarepi and Matutu have since completed their courses and are waiting to hear the party’s decision on whether they will be reinstated or not.

“Those are politburo positions so it is not for me to say what will happen to them in terms of whether they will retain their positions or not. You could ask the director at the school of ideology Munyaradzi Machacha regarding their course, but as to what will happen to them, it is up to the politburo,” Matemadanda told Daily News.

Munyaradzi Machacha has not responded to questions at this moment.

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