Kasukuwere: Mnangagwa leading Zimbabwe down a destructive path

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Savior Kasukuwere: Mnangagwa leading Zimbabwe down a destructive path. Speaking to TellZim News from his base outside the country, Kasukuwere said Zanu-PF should be able to look itself in the mirror and ask itself some serious and tough questions.

Exiled former Zanu-PF national political commissar Savior Kasukuwere has expressed anger and discontent over the path Zimbabwe is being led down by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration saying the people have suffered long enough and time has come to break off the chains.

He said there is so much suffering in the country with twin evils of hunger and Covid-19 stalking the masses. “Zanu-PF should be able to look itself in the mirror and ask itself serious questions. Why do we have so much noise in the country? Conflict hatred and pain are the new normal.

“We need a new trajectory as a country. We need to move away from the destructive path we are headed. Poverty and hunger are stalking each family, each household, each community and our country,” said Kasukuwere.

He said in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zanu PF is busy fomenting conflict and suspicion among the population, a move Kasukuwere says provides a fertile grounds for an implosion.

“Covid-19 is upon us and yet conflict and suspicion remain the only agenda on the table. Families are going to bed on an empty stomach and it does not matter whether you are employed or not, hazvisi kukwana.

“We have gone for too long in this conflict and pain. We have to change direction. There is so much to attend to,” said Kasukuwere. He said President Mnangagwa has lost control of his top lieutenants leaving them with a carte blanche to do as they please with immunity to prosecution.

Kasukuwere added that the state institutions should not be captured but rather be left to do their jobs without political interference. “Corruption and greediness have become the order of the day. Let institutions do their job and keep to your lane.

“Let’s focus on the economy, agriculture, organized mining and empowerment of our people. Let’s focus on housing and affording people an opportunity to get land and build for their families. “Let’s focus on inclusive growth and development and change the circumstances of our people for the best,” said Kasukuwere.

Source – Bulawayo24

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