“I would rather sleep under a bridge”: Tytan Lashes At Olinda Chapel For Trolling Him

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Tytan Lashes at Olinda Chapel

United Kingdom-based singer Njabulo Tytan Nkomo has finally broken his silence to accusations his estranged wife has been publicising on social media.

The singer has released a video letting people know his side of the story after Olinda said he is neglecting their daughter, an accusation he refutes.

Tytan alleges Olinda is pestering her after he turned her down severally. Something he is not willing to do because of the nature of the abuse he endured while they were husband and wife.

“What is sadder is all these tensions keep coming because I keep turning you down. I don’t want to be in a relationship with you again, I don’t want to be in that place, never! I am not for you and you are not for me, I would rather sleep under a bridge, to be honest,” he said.

Tytan disapproves of Olinda’s tactics of using their daughter as a means to get to him and actually spoil his life.

“I need my life back and I’m trying to work it out. Don’t try and control me using my daughter, don’t try to control who I talk to, my movements and how I live my life.

“I do a lot of good for my daughter, I have been with her every weekend since last year when my marriage broke down. I had to fight for that to get my daughter,” said Nkomo.

The couple ended their year-old marriage in August 2019 with the ‘Mukoko’ singer citing domestic abuse and a cocktail of unspecified events that occurred as the driving force to their breakdown. Online news

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