How to avoid ingrows this Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate your love for others, but it’s difficult to properly do so if you don’t love yourself first.

With FINO, the grooming range that understands the importance of self-care, you’ll be able to love yourself and to love and nourish your skin with simple, soothing solutions that will leave you looking good and feeling great.

A big part of grooming and taking care of yourself is hair removal, and although this can be uncomfortable at times, especially if you experience bumps, ingrowns and other post hair removal irritations, including itchiness with new hair growth, FINO is the perfect solution for you.

 FINO MAN range is perfect for cleansing, nourishing and protecting the skin and facial hair, relieving itchiness and bumps and keeping your face smelling and feeling good.

FINO Range

·         FINO Sooth Man Post Shave Balm – R70.00

·         FINO Man Gel Wash for face and beard – R70.00

·         FINO Man Bear Grooming and Moisturizing non greasy Oil Beard Grooming & Shaving Oil – R135.00

·         FINO Man Bump Control Serum – R70.00

Suitable for all skin types

 FINO Soothe WOMAN – R70.00. Use this dermatologist tested balm anywhere on the body after any form of hair removal, it is suitable for any skin tone and type. Stops bumps, Ingrown hair, redness and reduces itchiness when new hair growth comes though, leaving the skin feeling smooth, supple and beautiful and bump free.

All FINO products are infused with powerful natural ingredients and offer gentle and long lasting protection, keeping you happy at all times.

On top of being a great way to love and respect yourself, FINO products are great gifts for your significant others, to allow them to love and respect themselves too. Healthy relationships need self-love too, and with FINO, this is a guarantee.

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