Heart Rendering GRAPHIC Video Of Church Elder Scalded By Cheating Wife

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Church elder scalded by cheating wife with boiling cooking oil

Church elder scalded by cheating wife

In the case in which a Borrowdale man was scalded with cooking oil by his wife who is suspected of cheating, graphic video footage of the ghastly wounds the husband sustained has appeared on social media. The marital dispute which has seen both parties accusing each other of adultery recently hogged headlines after the man was scalded by his wife over alleged assault and adultery. However, iHarare reported yesterday that, Benson Nhekairo-a church elder-who suffered life-threatening injuries when his wife, Angela Nhekairo, scalded him with hot cooking oil is, in fact, the victim.

Watch the video below, those with high sensitivity are advised not to view the graphic video….

Angela, who last week claimed that she was only forced to commit the crime because she was evading a beating from her abusive husband, has been labelled a pathological liar by the victim. Speaking in an exclusive hospital bedside interview with the whistleblower tabloid newspaper, H-Metro, Benson sensationally claimed that his wife had hatched a plan to kill him together with Farai Musiya whom she is allegedly romantically involved with.

The case is being handled at Borrowdale Police Station under case number CR457/01/2020 and is still under investigation. Online news

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