Ginimbi’s Expensive Cars Cause Misfortune As His Ferrari Is Impounded Too

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Ginimbi spoils himself with a $350,000 Ferrari 488 Spider sports car.

ZIMRA impounds Ginimbi’s new Ferrari. This follows after, Ginimbi, as he is affectionately known by his associates, was recently arrested for allegedly defrauding the revenue authority after ‘manufacturing’ a receipt for his Bently Continental which he recently imported from South Africa.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is reported to have seized flamboyant businessman Genis Kadungure’s recently acquired Ferrari following reports that he allegedly undervalued the vehicle.

According to reports by the State Media, the revenue authority has allegedly moved to impound the businessman’s Italian luxury sports car under suspicion that he used the same modus operandi to avoid paying duty in full.

Ginimbi appeared in court today for a bail hearing and his matter was postponed Friday because the magistrate was too busy with other ‘issues’.

Ginimbi’s relative Mary Chiwenga is languishing in remand prison following assault charges laid against her by Chiwenga’s maid.

All is not well for the two for they seem to be out of favour with the system. Online news

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