Cute couple moment : Video of Siya Kolisi teaching Rachel how to dance

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Springbok captain Siya Kolisi tried to teach his wife Rachel Kolisi how to dance and posted a cute Instagram video showing his efforts.

In the video, “Bhenga” by DJ Mata is playing in the background when Siya kicks off their impromptu dance lesson by telling Rachel he’s going to teach her two moves.

He then demonstrates said moves as Rachel watches, looking intimidated.

Rachel tries to copy what Siya is doing, but after seeing she’s struggling, he breaks down the dance into sections – starting with the hip thrusts. Rachel gives it another shot but is still struggling to catch on. Siya says, “relax just relax” and proceeds to add in the hand movements.

Rachel tries again to put the two moves together but just can’t seem to get the hang of it and Siya appears to give up.

In the second video, Siya lets Rachel have a go at the dance moves on her own and tries again to lead her in the right direction, but she still doesn’t catch on. A defeated Siya ends the video by saying, “I wash my hands.”

Watch the cute Instagram post below:

Tweeps couldn’t get enough of this cute couple moment and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

“Rachel and Siya are adorable!!!! This Instagram post … Face with tears of joy. Interracial relationships/marriages are SO beautiful!,” said @gran_adilla. News365

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