Beautiful Zimbabwe Female Celebs & Their Tattoos styles

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 Zim Female Celebs Tattoos

If you’re a fan of ink, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are a large number of Zimbabwean female celebrities with hidden tattoos you may have never even seen. Here you’ll find some of your favourite Zimbabwean female celebrities with tattoos that are in blink-and-you-miss-them spots and also some that are hard to miss.

iHarare recently went through social media to round up some of these ‘secret’ celebrity tattoos.

1. Dyonne Tafirenyika’s shoulder tattoo

Dyonne Tafirenyika and wife of Zimbabwean rapper, Desmond Chidemhe AKA Stunner spots a tattoo on her left shoulder which from a distance is hard to decipher what it is.

Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
2. Patience Nyathi’s roses on her thigh

The Bulawayo socialite who hogged the limelight for her curvaceous body spots a tattoo on her right thigh of what looks like a bunch of roses.

Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
3. Sarah Sinclair’s delicate writing just below her shoulder

The socialite’s small tattoo is not without meaning, however, the inscription ‘Hope’ could actually be a reference to her daughter’s name, Hope.

Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
4. Beverly (BEV) Sibanda’s tramp stamp

No one knows exactly where all of controversial dancer, Beverly Sibanda’s tattoos are- with the exception of the ones on her legs and back. The erotic dancer recently sent tongues wagging after news that she had gotten married to a U.K based doctor emerged.

Zim Female Celebs Tattoos
5. Luminitsa Jemwa

Socialite cum businesswoman, Luminitsa Dumbisa has a tattoo running across her back which many would actually miss. The 31-year-old has hogged headlines for her well-built hourglass figure and was last year named Zimbabwe’s sexiest socialite by entertainment website, Zimbuzz, in the inaugural edition of Zimbabwe’s Top 15 Sexiest Women

6.  Kikky Baddass’s hidden ribcage tattoo

Zimbabwean controversial female artiste Kikky Baddass Real name Christabell Mahlungwa who recently got customarily married has her tattoo tucked away on her rib cage, hidden in plain sight.

7. Noxy Divine Diva’s dog paw tattoo just above the groin

Believe it or not, Star FM DJ, Noxy has a tattoo. Noxy, real name Nokuthula Sitholeco-hosts the afternoon show, TXO alongside DJ Mox. Nox is also a musician

8. Shashl

Shashl, real name Ashleigh Angel is definitely no stranger to ink. The Songbird who is the daughter of the Ministry of Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Mpofu spots two tattoos, one just above her ankle, and the other one on her forearm.

Sourced from iharare

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