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Africashowtime : More Zimbabwean Politics & less any other African politics we just features political videos and important events pictures that is all.

We are a magazine which is going to focus more on African lifestyles. Some people think Africa is just one big Country but NO, its 55 Countries which means there is a variety of Lifestyles we are going to focus on. We are also going to use a lot of the world lifestyles too as we see how Africa compares to the rest of the world.

Our Mission is to feature and showcase latest and more individual African talents ranging from

Culture and Tradition – beliefs, knowledge and traditions. Present to us whatever you have eg tradition dance, traditional Songs all in videos

Fashion – latest trending style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour etc

Dance & Music – Modern, cultural, Religious etc all covered in this category

Food – Showcase what you can cook anything

Lifestyle – We ask individuals to showcase openly the way they live including their style, attitudes and possessions, hobbies too or anything, more of the social aspect of things

Travel – This is more of your experience of a journey that you undertook, it can be explained or showcased by Videos, Photos, your story or just tips and guides

Wildlife – Videos and photos of the animals you have seen in African safaries etc

Sports – Whatever Sports

We are going to work with individual pictures and videos. Whoever wants to feature in our Mazagine is greatly welcome. All you need to do is just send us your video or pictures on our email address africaomagazine@gmail.com or use our WhatsApp number +61434664327, Tell us your name and your story

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